gear less elevators

What are gearless elevators?

Gearless elevators are traction elevators whose motors can be smaller than geared elevator motors because they do not have gears. The gearless motors can be smaller than1/2 the geared motor as its engine is small, so the other parts are small. That’s why gearless motors are more effective for electricity use.
This elevator will help move from floor to floor quickly with a short flight time.
This is designed to offer unlimited travel.
The gearless traction car’s speed is typically faster compared to geared traction application.
It features a wide range of capacities for freight and passenger applications.
The unique motor design offers higher torque and runs at low RPMs, which gives the gearless machine long life.
The gearless traction drive sheaves feature “U” shaped grooves, which allow it to grip ropes. This will create traction and efficiently move the car.

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