traction elevator

What is a traction elevators?

Traction Elevators: 

In this Paragraph, we will discuss Traction Elevator. Traction elevators use ropes that pass over a wheel connected to an electric motor. When the electric motor starts, the wheel is set in motion. This pulls the string and lifts the elevator car to the required floor levels. 

Firstly, the wheel for this arrangement is usually placed in the machine room for the building on the highest floor. Secondly, a counterweight is added to make the elevators more efficient by offsetting the car’s weight and the occupants. Finally, this way, the wheel’s speed, and the rope coordination are achieved. 

There are two types of traction elevators as follows:

A. Geared Traction Elevator: 

In this type, the wheel is driven by having a gearbox attached to the motor. These elevators achieve a travel speed of up to 2.5m/s. 

B. Gearless Traction Elevator: 

The wheel is directly attached to the motor of this type. Traction Elevator offers a speed of up to 10m/s.

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