types of elevators

What are the types of elevators?

According to the hoist mechanism, there are 4 main types of elevators as follows:

1. Hydraulic Elevators:

Hydraulic elevators employ a piston at the bottom of the elevator to push it to different levels. An electric motor forces oil or any hydraulic fluid to move the piston.

2. Traction Elevators:

Traction elevators are lifted using ropes that pass over a wheel connected to an electric motor. This pulls the rope and lifts the elevator car to the required floor levels.

Traction elevators are of two types:

A) Geared Traction Elevator, B) Gearless Traction Elevator.

3. Climbing elevator:

A climbing elevator is a self-ascending elevator with its own propulsion.

4. Pneumatic Elevators:

Vacuum elevators do not use any cables or pulley systems to operate. Instead, this elevator is a tube in a sealed vacuum arrangement operated by controlling air pressure.

Based on its function there are several types of elevators as follows:

1. Passenger Elevators

Based on its use there are many kinds of Passenger Elevators.

passenger lift-CA087L

A) Double Deck Elevator, B) Bed elevators, C) Service elevators, D)Observation elevators, E) Residential elevators.


2. Freight Elevator

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3. Dumbwaiters

4. Vehicle elevators

Final Thoughts:

Even though elevators can be an expensive investment, the convenience and ease of use is often an intriguing reason to add one to your next structure.

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